My name is Gordon Baddeley

Most of my life I have been a poet and a writer. In the last two decades I have also become a sculptor in wood.

My writing tries to focus on a single, dominant issue, using narrative almost as a parable or fable to invite the reader to think afresh about its implications, as well as, I hope, engaging them in an enjoyable experience.

My sculptures try to capture the patterns and forms taken up by old wood as it weathers and rots over time. I respect the natural form, whilst developing the lines and textures to reveal something which has grace and interest.

The idea of giving a new incarnation to old wood is very appealing to me. The piece begins as a total abstraction and, though some remain that way, sometimes the shapes, consciously or intuitively, begin to develop human or animal characteristics. Essentially, though, each piece is unique, having a morphology which is evolved as a contract between me and the wood itself.

We all know what beauty is.
Though we may have no words,
We have eyes to see.
Beauty is in our hearts,
And in this tree.

There was a tree, but now that tree is gone, sliding gently to the green earth, kissing the soft grass, lending its hard core to decay.
And the years pass, and here come I,
Speaking of resurrection.

As I carve and shape and listen to the tree that was,
this ancient root, lifted from crumbling soil,
raised from damp decay,
twists and flows
and speaks to me.

People pause
and wonder why a piece of ancient wood
should stand alone and proud,
as if it were something special.

To date I have made and sold around two hundred pieces, and yet nothing has repeated itself. The pieces vary from 10cm to over a metre high. They are normally in beech, oak, ash or sycamore, which are the most common trees in the woods around my house near Ambleside in the Lake District of Cumbria.

See my   Gallery page for examples of my sculptural work, including those which are currently For Sale.

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Events and shows

I have previously exhibited my work at a range of venues throughout Cumbria and further afield in the UK, including the prestiguous 'Cumbria Collect' exhibition at Blackwell's Arts and Crafts house. I am part of the Cumbria Collective art group and also the Green Door Artists both of which exhibit regularly in South Cumbria.

In 2017 my work was at the following events:-

July 2017 Skipton Art Market
September 2017 Green Door at the Merz Barn Langdale Cumbria;
October 2017 Cumbria Sculptors at Grasmere.

In 2018 my work is at the following events:-

March 2018 - "Fusion" - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. Exhibition with the Green door Artists group;
September 2018 - An exhibition of sculptures partnered with Cumbria Printers;
October 2018 - Film of my work as part of University of Staffordshire Art Faculty project.